Concept: Colorado-based distributed multi-cloud identity orchestration company Strata Identity assists companies to manage identity and security policies across various cloud services.

Nature of Disruption: Strata’s software detects every identity system of a company across clouds and on-premises infrastructure to migrate them from legacy software to modern identity systems. This enables older apps to synchronize and work with a new ID system. This facilitates Mavericks, Strata’s identity orchestration platform to assess connectivity of identities and data across systems and applications. This facilitates companies to execute their apps on any cloud premise or identity system and even later, change their decisions without any complications. The distributed identity fabric links cloud identity systems and older data-center systems to be managed as a singular entity.

Outlook: Businesses aiming to diversify are now migrating to multiple cloud service providers as a multi-cloud approach provides many benefits like offering flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in and complying with strict governance or regulatory policies. The company recently commenced the Series A funding round led by Menlo Ventures. Strata has plans to utilize the funds for its Maverics platform to scale up R&D, go-to-market, sales, marketing, and customer success.

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