Abacus Medicine Pharma Services (AMPS) and AddMedica are proud to announce the signing of a partnership agreement for the marketing and distribution of Siklos® in Benelux.

Siklos® 100mg and 1000mg film-coated tablets are indicated for the treatment of adults, adolescents and children over two years of age who have sickle-cell syndrome. Siklos® is used to prevent recurrent, painful vaso-occlusive crises that happen when blood vessels become blocked by the abnormal red blood cells, restricting the flow of blood to an organ.

Simon Estcourt, Managing Director of Abacus Medicine Pharma Services explains:

“This partnership agreement between Abacus Medicine Pharma Services and AddMedica is a fantastic opportunity as it unlocks the potential of Siklos® in the Benelux countries. We are delighted that this distribution agreement will make this treatment option available to patients in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.” 

Franck Hamalian, President of AddMedica continues: “AddMedica is very proud to join forces with Abacus Medicine Pharma Services to keep enhancing access to treatment for sickle-cell disease patients as well as the reach of Siklos® in important European countries.”

Approximately 17 million people across the world live with sickle-cell disease and 300,000 infants are born with the disease every year. The partnership agreement between Abacus Medicine Pharma Services and AddMedica is an important step in providing better access to medicine and better healthcare to patients with unmet needs, as the agreement ensures that Siklos® will be in stock in the Benelux countries.

Product information

The Netherlands

  • Siklos® film-coated tablets 60 pcs. 100mg (16938577)
  • Siklos® film-coated tablets 30 pcs. 1000mg (16939433)


  • Siklos® film-coated tablets 60 pcs. 100mg (0844169)


  • Siklos® film-coated tablets 60 pcs. 100mg (3422086)

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