How does NYMI help pharmaceutical companies empower their workforces and connect to their corporate digital infrastructure seamlessly?

In the last few years, many of the top pharmaceutical companies across the globe have benefitted from partnering with NYMI to increase speed and security of access while also increasing the job satisfaction of their workers. Taking away the need for employees to constantly fumble for IDs (fobs, keycards etc) or enter passwords into multiple interfaces has made them almost universally grateful.

NYMI’s platform blends seamlessly into any pharmaceutical company’s digital infrastructure, bringing with it robust security features that are state-of-the-art. Their always-on zero-trust network is extremely difficult to crack. Consider some of the data breaches that have happened over the last five years, and the NYMI platform becomes even more attractive.

Some of the more prominent cyber attacks recently:

  • Merck – $1.3 billion payout (June 2017)
  • Colonial Pipeline – $4.4 million payout, in addition to inducing a gas-buying panic (May 2021)
  • What would be the impact of ransomware attacks on other critical infrastructure sectors (e.g., nuclear plants, water reclamation, public transit systems)?

Pharma partners who have benefitted from NYMI’s Connected Worker Platform

  • Leading life sciences company saw 50% reduction in e-signature time – an average 10% total time savings per shift per user
  • Top 20 global pharma saw 93% user adoption rate and ROI 5 months after deployment
  • Top 10 global pharma saw a reduction from 7 to 3 seconds per e-signature

Other factors partners took into account

  • Cost savings estimated at $2,200 USD/user/per year as aggregate of time savings on authentications and password resets
  • Stronger data integrity and error reduction for audit trails
  • Future deployments are easier with time and money saved vetting point solutions

Protecting a large workforce, but centrally

  • A Fortune 500 financial services firm deployed NYMI platform with passwordless and contactless logins, access to physical entry points, and secure printing. They also deployed the social distancing and contact tracing feature. As each employee’s NYMI band is connected to, and contactable by, a single control interface, they send and receive a broad spectrum of information while they are on. In the event of another pandemic, they will be able to turn on social distancing instantly, to protect employee health and safety in the workplace.

Speedier work processes

  • Covid vaccine manufacturer estimated a 5% output increase on manufacturing lines, which translates into millions more vaccines made available to people who need it

Advantages of the NYMI Connected Worker Platform

Advances in technology have transformed the workplace and continue to increase efficiency and productivity for organizations and their employees. The modern workplace is a blend of physical and digital systems, with even a growing sector of companies operating completely remotely with no brick-and-mortar location.

This evolution has impacted employees and how they complete their work. According to Deloitte, a connected worker is any person whose working life is changing due to digital and other technologies. In that sense, we are all connected workers. On any given day, we interact with multiple systems to do our jobs.

While new technologies are constantly developing to improve processes, the way we connect to those technologies is lagging. We still use vulnerability-ridden passwords, and even with a move towards standardizing multi-factor and biometric authentication, the traditional model for proving your identity to a system requires manual input from the user each and every time they want access. With the average workplace being comprised of several access-controlled portals, the burden on users becomes clear and the hindrance to productivity aggregates.

In the future workplace, we need to connect workers once and correctly for their entire workday, enabling them to interact seamlessly with all of their systems continuously and securely. This paradigm shift to a platform model for worker connectivity can simultaneously solve security, compliance, user experience, efficiency, privacy, and digital transformation challenges for both employer and employee.

With so many challenges solved in one solution, what is the total benefit of a connected workforce?

Removing friction and reducing non-value add activities

Going passwordless and contactless for work activities removes friction in the user experience and increases efficiency by significantly reducing non-value add activities (such as typing in passwords). Providing this consistent user experience across applications, networks, and environments is uniquely possible on a connected worker platform.

Opportunity Cost of Thwarted Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks continue to increase in occurrence, sophistication, and damage. With poor security controls, organizations are at higher risk of becoming victims of costly, and potentially dangerous, attacks. When workers are connected on a platform designed in a Zero Trust and Privacy by Design architecture, the benefit of a connected workforce to an organization is additionally the value saved from a thwarted cyberattack that could have been made through a compromised credential.

Increased security traditionally comes with a tradeoff on user experience, which has a negative value on business and its employees. Because a platform model is a paradigm change, it allows people and organizations to achieve better security and user experience at the same time.

Business implications of digital transformation and being more agile

Finally, transforming the workplace with a connected worker platform positions organizations to be more agile as we navigate new challenges. A platform requires a one-time deployment that establishes the core functions needed to build additional use cases in the future. The time and money saved compounds into additional indirect benefits.

Today, we face many unaddressed challenges that inhibit people and organizations from reaping the benefits of true digital transformation. By addressing the root of these issues with a connected worker platform, we create a connected workforce that is agile, secure, and more productive in an increasingly digital future: enabling people and organizations to reap the continuous benefits of time, cost, and user experience improvements.

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