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The Smallest of Particles Offer the Biggest Challenges

16 Apr 2021 (Last Updated April 16th, 2021 12:25)

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With our experience in powder milling and fragmentation, at Frewitt, we have established ourselves as leaders in this field over the years. By constantly anticipating the needs of our markets and developing process tools accordingly; we offer today, the broadest spectrum of high-tech solutions for grinding, homogenizing, de-agglomerating, conveying, dosing and filling of powders and granulates of all kinds.

During the past ten years, we have expanded our innovation in Nano-milling. This type of wet milling is a concern for our customers, due to the problems inherent in processes often used today.

At Frewitt, we strive to innovate, responding efficiently and effectively to our customer needs. We challenged ourselves to develop optimal solutions while maintaining product properties, milling efficiency, and providing savings in terms of energy and costs. Presenting our Nano mill, named the FlexMill-Lab NW, and its five grinding chambers with models of 15, 50, 100, 250 and 500; we are providing solutions to the current challenges, and reaching the cutting edge of size reduction technology:

Perfect scalability

Needs vary. Many customers occasionally need a machine to process small lab batches in R&D, while at other times, they need to mill for pilot-scale production.

Consequentially they are often compelled to use two separate pieces of equipment, for small-batch and pilot, while performing numerous tests to ensure constant scalability.

When using the FlexMill-Lab NW, it is as simple a tool change.

Smallest and most homogeneous PSD of known Nano milling equipment

Our design enables an unmatched intensification of the comminution process, achieving the smallest PSD, and complemented by optimal mixing for an unparalleled homogeneity. We also offer optional in-line and real-time PAT solutions for size measurement.

Slow rotor speed means less wear, and less pollution, less energy consumption

The unique design of the FlexMill-Lab NW allows for a proven, more efficient milling at a lower rotor speed and a lower applied energy is synonymous with less wear of the rotor and the grinding media, hence less pollution in any suspension.

Maximum thermal control of the milling process…’keep it cool’

Active molecules in products are often heat-sensitive.  Too much heat can change product characteristics, resulting in a loss of efficacy or a shortened shelf life.  Our optimized thermal control provides a reduced energy process, due to a smooth separation of suspension and grinding media, as well as reduced usage of grinding media. FlexMill-Lab NW ensures that your product characteristics remain unchanged with no overheating.

Clogs? Cleaning?  Not to worry with FlexMill-Lab NW….

Our Dynamic Separation System (patented) has no need for a filter. There is no foaming and no clogging that occur regularly in other Nano processes. The FlexMill-Lab NW is compatible with easy washing-in-place (WIP), cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP).

Interchangeable = greater flexibility for your Nano mill with reduced cost of ownership

Our FlexMill-Lab NW, offering five grinding chambers with different volumes, perfectly completes our offer from lab to the pilot-scale range. It is possible to carry out your Nano processing with a small investment. You may add on different volumes of Nano milling chambers, smaller, or larger, as your needs evolve.

A return on Investment, going above and beyond…

Far from being only a flexible Nano milling platform, the FlexMill-Lab NW can be converted by a simple head change to five other distinct processes: oscillating milling, conical milling, rotary sifting, hammer milling, and pin milling, hence covering the entire milling range on one compact machine.  All heads are interchangeable with simple, fast, tri-clamp connections. The additional processes are perfectly scalable with other Frewitt pilot and production scale machines.

Our FlexMill-Lab range, i.e. nano, oscillating, conical, sifter, hammer and pin mill heads as already preconfigured for integration in a mobile, rigid isolator for the most stringent OEB requirements.

Process-driven – Solution-oriented

Our process experts stand at the ready to provide our expertise, allowing you to optimize the efficiency and quality of your products. Frewitt laboratories in Switzerland, the US, and China are ready to serve you.