Finding the right contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) isn’t easy. In a crowded pharmaceutical market, CDMOs must offer specialist services that can serve all kinds of pharmaceutical projects, from the broad to the specialist. A customer-centric model is key, as well as an approach that offers value, flexibility, and customization to fulfil a variety of visions. 

These concerns remain paramount when finding a partner for softgel production. While softgels have been in production since the 19th century, their applications have multiplied today and are in high demand across a variety of industries. Supplements and vitamins are all made with softgel technology, as well as pharmaceutical pills and cosmeceuticals. 

Sofgen Pharmaceuticals by Procaps is an industry-leading expert in the manufacture of softgel capsules. Backed by state-of-the-art production facilities and led by an expert team, Sofgen can provide a variety of soft capsule solutions capable of meeting the demands of any project however big, small, or specialist. The company is set to attend the upcoming 2024 CPHI North American conference and welcomes the chance to meet past and prospective clients to discuss its exciting range of products. 

A flexible product range to suit the needs of any project

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Sofgen offers customers expanded and integrated capabilities. These include high-end specialist services such as hormonal and high potency compounds capabilities. The company’s end-to-end service offering is suited to companies looking to secure a reliable manufacturer of prescription drugs, OTC products, and specialised nutraceuticals. 

Focusing on ensuring quality, flexibility, and customisation, Sofgen puts the customer first and can assist in developing new molecular entities and successful tech transfers. A CDMO/CMO with in-depth knowledge of softgel development, manufacturing, and regulation, Sofgen’s customer-centric model emphasises connectivity, trust, and empathy to help unlock the full potential of any project, regardless of complexity.

The company’s unique range of products can provide a solution to all soft capsule-related needs. UnigelTM is a market-leading solution that allows multiple chemically incompatible components to co-exist within one softgel. With an aesthetically pleasing clear appearance, UnigelsTM products are impossible to counterfeit and can also be made vegetarian or vegan according to customer request. 

ChewgelsTM is Sofgen’s chewable offering, ideal for products designed for children and adults alike. These great-tasting capsules can be created in a variety of flavours to deliver easy doses without water or food accompaniment. Other top-of-the-range solutions include the plant-based VersagelsTM and TwistgelsTM, which come with a twist-off cap to administer oral or topical dosages on the go. Sofgen’s Reduced Gels also enable products to be filled in a smaller capsule. These are ideal for seniors and children.

Sofgen will attend 2024 CPHI North America at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre in Philadelphia. Attendees interested in Sofgen’s services should stop by its booth at stand #1202. Alternatively, book a meeting with us directly by filling in the form here.