Biomanufacturing is a process of production which uses both natural and engineered biological systems, such as microorganisms and cell cultures, to produce biomaterials which can be used on a commercial scale.

Biomanufactured products are used across numerous sectors, including food and beverage processing and for industrial applications. Biomanufacturing is present in everything from protein supplements to detergents, without many people even realising.

It is particularly prominent in the pharmaceutical sector, in the form of products such as vaccines, biopharmaceuticals and antibacterial drugs, cell therapies, and even includes genetic engineering and replacement organs.

Single-use disposable systems are becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical biomanufacturing industry, designed to effectively mix together powdered media and buffer to generate the medicines patients need.

The engineered systems available from ILC Dover have been proven to improve the speed of manufacturing by reducing their cleaning and sterilisation costs and speeding up the time it takes to get their products onto the market. While stainless steel systems must be cleansed before they are reused, ILC Dover’s single-use systems can be conveniently disposed of after use.

ILC Dover can provide a pharmaceutical biomanufacturing operations with powder transfer, containment and mixing systems.

Powder Handling is often overlooked until it becomes dangerous

Contamination is a major risk in biomanufacturing operations and can have serious implications for a drug producers, due to concerns both of product safety and profitability. ILC Dover’s EZ BioPac helps to mitigate this.

Designed to facilitate the transfer of powders between different pieces of apparatus, the EZ Biopac has an outer skirt which folds down around the frame of different pieces of mixing equipment, eliminating the risk of spillage.

This prevents the risk of contamination caused by airborne contaminants, which could pollute the product or be caused by the powder itself coming into contact with another surface.

For more hazardous powder transfer operations, ILC Dover recommends the DoverPac instead.

The DoverPac can contain powder transfers from cGMP to nanogram levels. Made up of a tough fabric outer restraint and durable internal liner, the films are custom formulated for a high strength, with an elongation performance of nearly 500%. Combined with safe and effective anti-static additives, the DoverPac is able to deliver a high-level of powder containment.

It is vitally important that all biomanufacturing operations are thoroughly assessed and the right apparatus is implemented for the individual needs of each process. ILC Dover’s single-use powder handling solutions can improve the efficiency and reduce the contamination risk across the board in a pharmaceutical setting.