18 August 2020

CanSino Biologics has received patent approval in China for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate, according to state media. This marks the first patent for a Covid-19 vaccine in the country. Saudi Arabia plans to launch Phase III clinical trials for the vaccine this month, while CanSino is also in discussions with Russia, Brazil and Chile to conduct Phase III studies.

OSE Immunotherapeutics has reported positive data from preclinical and human ex-vivo studies of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate, named CoVepiT. The company published the findings online on BioRxiv. Data showed that the candidate triggered a strong memory CD8 T lymphocyte response against various SARS-CoV-2 proteins in vaccinated humanised mice.

CytoDyn has submitted top-line data from the Phase II clinical trial of leronlimab in mild to moderate Covid-19 patients to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking emergency use approval. The company also submitted the data to Mexican regulatory authorities, and intends to obtain emergency use approval in the UK, the European Union and the Philippines.

Pluristem Therapeutics has partnered with Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC) to develop cell therapies and regenerative medicines to treat Covid-19, among other indications. The partners will share research findings, samples, equipment and testing and other essential activities associated with advancing the treatment and research.

Biological E has acquired Akorn India to boost its manufacturing capabilities and capacities for the production and supply of vaccines and injectable medicines. Biological E is developing a Covid-19 vaccine candidate and Akorn India Paonta Sahib Plant in Himachal Pradesh could help in commercial scale production of the vaccine.