Using data from the World Health Organisation and Policy Cure Research, UK-based RIFT Research and Development has concluded that, based on average annual funding over the past five years, Covid-19 is the third most funded infectious disease.

In the past three and a half months, £332.4m has been pledged to fight Covid-19. Whereas the average annual funding over the past five years totalled £936.9m for HIV and £471.1m for tuberculosis.

In addition, in terms of total funding over the past five years, only five infectious diseases have received more funding than Covid-19: HIV, tuberculosis, two types of malaria and Dengue.

RIFT Research and Development director Sarah Collins commented: “Anyone in any doubt over the seriousness of the current pandemic need only look at the sheer level of funding already committed in the fight against it.

“It is really quite staggering that in just three and a half short months, funding in the fight against Covid-19 has eclipsed total funding in the last five years for all but five other diseases.

“Only time will tell if this huge level of funding will be required on a long-term basis, and more importantly, if it will make the required impact.”