Vantia Therapeutics has announced the start of a Phase IIb trial of its lead development compound VA106483 for nocturia, a sleep-disturbing condition caused by having to urinate at night.

The study is a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study and is expected to recruit approximately 120 male patients at 20 centres in the US. The study will assess the number of nocturnal toilet trips and will also take into account quality of life and sleep duration.

Vantia Therapeutics CMO Dr Hilary McElwaine-Johnn said that nocturia is a common condition, the prevalence of which increases markedly in older people.

“Our research suggests that only a very small percentage of patients with this symptom receive any kind of treatment,” McElwaine-Johnn said.

Vantia Therapeutics announced positive results from its Phase IIa trial of VA106483 conducted in June 2009, which showed that oral VA106483 produced a predictable antidiuretic effect in elderly subjects, as determined by increased osmolality and decreased urine output.

VA106483 is a novel small molecule drug candidate discovered by Vantia that directly affects the kidney by binding to vasopressin receptors, which regulate water excretion.