A Phase II study of Tranzyme Pharma’s TZP-102 capsules in diabetic patients with gastroparesis has demonstrated clinically significant improvements in critical symptoms.

The study, conducted on 92 patients with diabetic gastroparesis, found that more than 50% of those on TZP-102 had normalised gastric emptying.

At the end of the once-daily, 28-day treatment period, patients on all three doses of TZP-102 showed positive results in symptom scores for nausea, early satiety, excessive fullness and postprandial fullness.

Diabetic gastroparesis is a serious disorder characterised by the inability of the stomach to empty food efficiently.

TZP-102 is an oral ghrelin agonist with potent prokinetic properties that has been developed to treat chronic gastrointestinal dysmotility disorders.