Cancer incidence is on the rise and cytotoxic therapies continue to be at the centre of oncology treatment programs.
Through this latest expansion in Halle, Germany, Baxter BioPharma Solutions will continue to support pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to address patient needs worldwide.

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About the Expansion:
Pharma Production Building E (PPE) is Baxter’s latest major expansion in Halle.
The expanded facility is dedicated to contract manufacturing of oncology products.
Our long-time experience in sterile manufacturing has been utilized by our engineers to design a building with a strong focus on our customers and their need for flexibility, product quality and high yield.

Transparency is one of the key features of the new building.
Glass was used to enhance the visibility of the manufacturing lines and processes.
This “facility made out of glass” concept allows you to view the actual critical manufacturing processes in a cleanroom class A while conveniently standing in a cleanroom class D.