When drums of dry powder become interlocked through road transport, heat, humidity or simply over time, it becomes difficult to produce material flow, or sometimes any flow at all.
METO Systems drum conditioners are used to squeeze flexible walled drums, bags, and boxes to break up packed or solidified material.

This promotional video shows you how simple and easy it is to operate our drum conditioner.
However, METO Systems also offers on-site demos via our local area representatives.
Simply contact our sales team to help identify your local rep and schedule a time that best fits for you.
We also have rental units available if you prefer testing our drum conditioners for a defined rental period to best evaluate if it is fit for purpose in your actual operation!
Our units are capable of handling bags and boxes ranging from 12” to 22” square base area, and drums ranging from 12” to 22” in diameter.
Additional non-invasive attachments include straight crush bars for box handling, and square angle, vertical crush bars to increase applied pressure for heavy-duty applications.
This ensures that METO Systems’ drum conditioners are capable of being modified and adjusted during operating hours with minimal downtime.