Auto Injectors, Pen Injectors and Inhaler Systems

Advanced drug delivery devices

SHL is a privately owned developer, designer and manufacturer of advanced drug delivery devices.

We work with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop drug delivery systems, including compact disposable auto injectors, reusable pen injectors and complex inhaler systems.

These devices are based on standard pre-filled syringes (PFS) and cartridges, as well as novel primary containers. Our concept development and innovative design takes place at our design centres in Sweden and the US, where experienced engineers develop product enhancements and breakthrough drug delivery solutions.

Auto injectors

SHL manufactures an extensive range of auto injectors that re-define the self-injection process by making them simple, safe and reliable.

SHL designed auto injectors make administrating drugs easier and more consistent than manual injections, improving patient compliance and ensuring successful therapy delivery.

Modern auto injectors include features such as:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Intuitive use and ergonomic design
  • Reduced number of components
  • Two-step or three-step operation
  • Compact design
  • Interlock systems with sequential control and non-sequential control
  • Ability to accommodate a high range of viscosities and different types of needles and needle shields (RNS, FNS)

Disposable auto injectors

SHL's disposable auto injector (DAI) is considered to be one of the most effective devices on the market today and has changed people's perception of what an auto injector is.

This easy-to-use auto injector features a three-step operation that ensures successful delivery in seconds. Another example is the shield-activated NAISA auto injector, which offers a two-step operation, as well as the ability to handle a range of viscosities.

Molly auto injector

Molly is an intuitive auto injector featuring an ultra-compact design, simplified two-step operation and a permanently hidden needle.

A preconfigured programme allows accelerating speed-to-market for customers. The compact device also uses state-of-the-art safety and ergonomic features. The device is also available in a larger volume as Molly 2.25.

High-viscosity and high-precision auto injectors

The precision pen injector (PPI) addresses the need for an extremely high-precision device with dosage accuracy that can handle highly viscous formulations.

Dual-chamber auto injectors

Responding to the needs of customers, SHL has invested in developing a range of dual-chamber auto injectors, including the SDI-MIX+NIT auto injector and its variable dose counterpart VSDI-MIX auto injector.

Pen injectors

SHL offers features such as variable dosing, dose limit memory settings, full control over the injection process, disposable or reusable options, compactness, and stylish industrial designs.

Pen injectors, such as Penny, allow for discreet yet modern design and large scale manufacturing.

In addition to designs suited for single-chamber cartridges, SHL has produced three dual-chamber cartridge pen injectors, and has several pen injectors under development for lyophilised formulations.

Inhaler systems

Partnering with other experts in this field, SHL has applied for several patents to protect groundbreaking solutions that we believe will be beneficial to our customers.

Our most recent development is aqueous droplet inhaler (ADI), the device that will change the notion of inhalers by reducing time and increasing the efficacy of each inhalation.

Compliant drug delivery device manufacturer

With our Manufacturing Plus concept, all key capabilities and processes are maintained in-house to ensure quality and time-to-market.

SHL provides:

  • Experts in mechanical and industrial design
  • An advanced in-house tooling centre for drug delivery devices
  • An extensive range of moulding solutions
  • Design and build customised assembly and testing equipment
  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic assembly solutions
  • Final assembly, labeling and packaging services for drug delivery devices
  • ISO13485 and FDA 21 CFR 820 compliant systems
  • 510K clearance and compliance to medical device cGMPs
  • An increasing number of patents, licensing opportunities and strong commitment to safeguarding of IP
  • Dedicated experienced professionals to ensure the success of your project

SHL Technologies

SHL Technologies is a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) that provides OEM and ODM services for various industrial sectors, including electronics, healthcare and medical.

This includes manufacturing electronics, medical devices, and plastics, with products such as neurosurgical equipment, electronic stethoscopes, advanced digital diagnostic catheters, PCB printing machine modules, solar cell printing machine modules and IC testing machine modules.

SHL Healthcare

SHL Healthcare develops and manufactures equipment solutions for home, hospital and long-term care use with a focus on patient comfort and functionality.

Our broad range of products includes medical slings, rehabilitation beds, and pressure mattress systems, lifting equipment, medical soft goods and various related accessories.

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