Flexible Plastic Packaging, Printing, Labelling, Injection Moulding and IML for Pharmaceutical Products

JACO products

JACO is a provider of flexible plastic packaging solutions used throughout the pharmaceutical industry for items such as medicines, drugs and vitamins. Customised solutions are available to meet the demands of highly specific products.

Due to our high real net output ratio, we can offer or develop solutions for you in a diverse number of areas.

Customised plastic parts for customer-focused packaging

We work closely with clients and provide advice at an early stage in development of new products. This ensures the best results for design, material selection, and costs.

Packaging for effervescent tablets and pillboxes

For effervescent tablet packaging, we offer a wide range of standard tube-shaped products without having to produce new injection tools.

Our product range comprises more than 250 different formats, in diameters from 14.5mm to 61.6mm and lengths from 27.0mm to 198.6mm. Various closure systems are also available to meet your requirements. All parts comply with current food guidelines such as the European directives 1935/2004/EG and 10/2011/EG. In addition, products are manufactured according to the BRC standard for protection and hygiene.

Complying with the GMP standards, we produce both printed an unprinted packages for various applications, from tablet packaging through to pillboxes. We can also customise solutions for applications such as the packaging of test strips.

Flexible production with short lead-times for printing and unprinted tubes

At JACO, each part is produced in processes that are clearly defined and carefully monitored. Parts can be delivered with optional prints or decorated according to specifications. Depending on your requirements, you may choose to letterset print the tubes with up to eight Pantone colours or decorate them with CMYK motifs using in-mould labelling (IML) technology.

For both printed and unprinted tubes, there is the option of having them arranged side-by-side with openings showing upwards, requiring an additional processing step using a packaging machine, or having the parts delivered loosely in bulk. We guarantee reliable batch production of your parts at fair prices.

Injection moulding security and traceability

We can produce various plastic parts using our injection-moulding machines with closing forces of 100t to 320t. As well as polypropylene with and without colouring, polyethylene and polystyrene, we are also able to process other plastics.

The ten silos each with a volume of 60t allow for order-independent material stock, making sure that granulate is stored cleanly and securely. Batch-related traceability throughout the entire production process is also safeguarded.

We can ship the parts in a multitude of different boxes sizes to meet your requirements. Boxes are shipped on standard Euro pallets and exact specifications can be met for pallet heights.

To make sure the goods arrive at your premises safely and cleanly, each pallet is fully shrink-wrapped with foil to completely seal it.

Printing and design services for packaged goods

We are printing experts have an in-house graphics department to help guide clients and suggest the design and print methods to best suit your application. In indirect offset printing, each colour is individually transferred onto a printing plate and then onto a rubber blanket. From there, the entire image is transferred onto the part to be imprinted.

Unlike other methods such as screen or pad printing, indirect offset printing allows a higher speed and is particularly suited to medium-sized and large batch volumes. In addition, it is completely viable to print in special colours from the Pantone scale.

With a total capacity in excess of 300 million parts per year, we are able to process your orders quickly and flexibly.

In-mould labelling printing services

The IML process enables things not possible in traditional printing. It enables high-quality at the point of sale and is particularly suited to optically demanding products. Advantages include:

  • High printing resolution for photorealism
  • Metallising effects
  • Peel-off labels
  • Glossy, matt, rough effect options
  • Products labelled partly or entirely
  • Double-sided labels

Primary packaging manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry

Being a manufacturer of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, we consider ourselves a link in the value-added chain, which our customers can fully rely on for quality and product safety.

To warrant this, we keep improving our integrated management system. The specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001, the EU GMP guidelines (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice) and the British Retail Consortium BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials are adhered to consistently.

Observance of our high-quality standards is made transparent by certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and BRC. Batch-related traceability is ensured for the entire production process.

Eco-friendly packaging solutions

JACO exclusively uses materials that comply with the requirements of both national and international environmental standards. Materials contain no substances of very high concern (SVHC) according to the appendix of the Reach directive, or any impermissible heavy metals as specified in 94/62/EC regulations. We will gladly confirm the absence of other impermissible substances on request.

Printing inks and protective varnishes are of low-migration grades. The conformity with the respective European jurisdiction is verified at regular intervals. In product design, we make sure that only the absolutely necessary material quantity is processed in packaging.

It is the primary objective of JACO to keep reducing production waste as much as possible and when it does occur to recycle it in an environmentally compatible way.

CAD designers and in-house tool shops

With its team of CNC designers, tool makers and cutting machine operators, our in-house tool offers services such as:

  • CAD design
  • CNC turning
  • CNC cutting
  • CNC grinding
  • Deep-hole drilling

Industry training for mechanics, cutting machine operators and print media engineers

Being a recognised training company by the chamber of industry and commerce, we train our own experts and, keep them a long time due to a low staff turnover. We train the following occupations:

  • Industrial electronics engineers
  • Cutting machine operators
  • Tool and die makers
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Process mechanics in plastics and natural rubber
  • Print media engineers

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