Implantable Micromechanical Components Specialists

Taking a Device from Conception to Final Product


CEO of Cendres+Métaux's medtech division Dr Arne-Christian Faisst talks about the process of taking a device from conception to final product and gives advice on how to stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.

As a private-label and OEM manufacturer, how would you describe your key qualities in the medical technology field?

Dr Arne-Christian Faisst: What really distinguishes our company is the fact that we not only offer manufacturing capabilities but professional consultancy as well. We see ourselves as a competent and dedicated business partner that can discuss projects on a confidential and trusting basis with its customers.

It starts with the choice of the right material and, in the domain of precious metals, the choice largely depends on the application or the device function, but it's not the sole factor defining the material choice - often product life-cycle considerations and cost play a crucial role as well.

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