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Exploring the promise of billion-dollar KRAS drugs

KRAS mutations are one of the most prevalent drivers of cancer, yet they were long considered ‘undruggable’. A new wave of drugs is changing that – so do they live up to the promise?

Decoding the Covid-19 connection with diabetes

A growing base of evidence suggests people are significantly more likely to develop diabetes in the months following a Covid-19 infection, and health systems need to now deal with an increased burden of diabetes.

The challenges of multiple drugs safety reporting

Pharmacovigilance of a single drug is one thing, but investigating an adverse event in case of polypharmacy is even more complex.

Digitising the pharma supply chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for security and traceability at every step of the drug supply chain.

The ethics of vaccine boosters

With the variance in Covid-19 vaccine access, what are the ethics of promoting third booster shots to the world’s wealthiest?

Living medicines: using bacteria to fight cancer

As well as playing a role in cancer growth and chemo resistance, bacteria have shown great promise in treating cancer directly.

Five pharma cybersecurity breaches to know and learn from

The transition to digital, expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic, has opened up new cybersecurity concerns.

Ferring draws closer to a microbiome breakthrough

Ferring and subsidiary Rebiotix are developing a microbiota-based live biotherapeutic, RBX2660, against recurrent C. diff.

Fighting India’s ‘black fungus’ epidemic

What exactly is black fungus, and what can be done to combat the rise of this condition alongside Covid-19? Abi Millar finds out.

Blood plasma production: OK for the UK?

With the UK’s blood plasma donated ban lifted, Abi Millar looks into the risk-benefit analysis of producing plasma domestically.