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Good gut feeling: using bioengineered bacteria to treat disease

Scientists from Vanderbilt University have opened new frontiers in obesity research by bioengineering bacteria to generate a molecule that suppresses hunger in mice – research that suggests one day gut microbes might be used to provide sustained drug delivery for multiple illnesses. Dr Sean Davies, lead investigator, explains to Abi Millar how probiotics might be used to treat obesity and other forms of chronic disease.

Under the skin: the Novartis drug trial controversy

Novartis stands accused of trying to sabotage research into a rival eye drug in the UK and faces suspension in Japan after a series of trial data scandals. Julian Turner asks Shaan Thakerar, GlobalData’s analyst covering cardiovascular & metabolic disorders, for his take on the controversy.

Malaria research breakthrough raises hopes of a $1 cure

Scientists at the University of Dundee have discovered an anti-malarial compound that could treat the disease and prevent its transmission, all for $1. Rod James takes a closer look.

Clinigen: unlocking the ethical supply of unlicensed medicines

Demand for unlicensed drugs is growing fast and Clinigen’s recent acquisition of competitor Idis puts the company in a perfect position to capitalise on this trend. Elly Earls speaks to Clinigen’s COO Shaun Chilton and Frost & Sullivan analyst Barbara Gilmore to find out about the opportunities and challenges of this fast-growing market.

Regenerating medicine – an ocean of possibility within a sea of red tape

Regenerative medicine therapies hold great promise for healthcare, offering cures for long-term conditions through regenerating tissue within the body. Unfortunately, their potential is yet to be realised, with a raft of legal, regulatory and economic challenges standing in the way. Abby Millar speaks to Professor Joyce Tait, director of the ESRC-funded Innogen Institute, about how a collaborative approach could help us reach new frontiers in medicine.

It’s all in the genes: Pharmacogenomics and the potential of tailored treatment

Pharmacogenomics is set to transform healthcare, opening up the possibility of tailoring treatments to individuals’ genetic make-up, but only if healthcare professionals are educated in its basic principles. Elly Earls speaks to the authors of a new book on the topic to find out why.