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Inside the UK’s first vaccines innovation centre

A new, state-of-the-art Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (VMIC) was recently announced to address what is being called a structural gap in late-stage vaccine manufacturing in the UK. How will the plans improve emergency preparedness for epidemic threats?

Action Medical Research: celebrating decades of discovery

The UK BioIndustry Association has named Action Medical Research as its charity of the year for 2019. With a focus on funding breakthrough treatments for conditions affecting children, the charity has a history stretching back to the 1950s with the validation of the first UK polio vaccine.

The Petri dish: telling the story of pharma’s most humble ally

Well known to anyone familiar with a science classroom, the Petri dish has been used in medicine for well over a hundred years. Has it changed? Yes and no, but to find out more we look at how Petri dishes have influenced drug discovery in the past, and how newer concepts like organ growing and synthetic platforms are developing.

Why is it so hard to reproduce medical research results?

Early-stage scientific studies are one of the major drivers of innovation in the pharma industry, but replicating them can be surprisingly difficult. How do reproducibility issues impact drug development, and what needs to be done to improve the validation of the scientific results that drive innovation in the pharma sector?

Can blockchain stem the tide of counterfeit drugs in India?

Counterfeit drugs are a multi-billion dollar problem. Now pharma companies are looking for a technological solution, could blockchain be the answer?

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India: ones to watch

As India’s pharmaceutical market continues to grow, the country’s generic drug manufacturers hold a strong position in the global supply chain. These companies are playing a key role in developing the industry in India.