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Chloe Kent

The dark consequences of drug supply shortages

Drug shortages caused by supply chain issues or political decisions can open the door to illicit online pharmacies.

Poor digital communications could be prolonging the Covid-19 pandemic

Misinformation and poor communication from netizens and public health bodies alike may be slowing down the vaccine rollout.

Algae proteins and optogenetics: a vision of the future

The vision of a completely blind man has been partially restored using light-sensing proteins found in algae.

Should UK children be vaccinated against chickenpox?

Why don’t UK children receive a safe and effective chickenpox vaccine that has been available since 1988?

Inside Philip Morris’ controversial Vectura acquisition

The tobacco company’s buyout of a healthcare business has sparked both fury and confusion from campaigners and politicians.

Timeline: malaria vaccines through the ages

A novel malaria vaccine developed by researchers at the University of Oxford has proven 77% effective in early trials and could be a major breakthrough against the disease.

Improving care for rare diseases in India

Rare diseases are especially prevalent in India, where many people find it difficult or impossible to access treatment.

Developing an oral Covid-19 vaccine

Oramed Pharmaceuticals has teamed up with Premas Biotech to develop an alternative to injectable Covid-19 vaccines.

Centessa Pharmaceuticals: forging a new path for pharma R&D

Centessa Pharmaceuticals, a company trying out an unorthodox approach to R&D, rounds up some of its star acquisitions.

Drug dispensing goes digital

Pharmacists are looking to drive efficiencies in medication management and drug dispensing by leveraging robotic tools.