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Cerecin engages CROs Novotech, NTA in early-phase tricaprilin trials; $10m–$20m raise ongoing with another $30m–$50m to start YE, CEO says

Cerecin is working with the CRO Novotech for its Phase II tricaprilin trial for migraine prevention, said CEO Charles Stacey, adding Neuroscience Trials Australia (NTA) is the CRO for a Phase I infantile spasm study with the same asset.

BioEclipse to welcome CRO, CMO pitches from midyear for Phase II in advanced solid tumour basket trial, CEO says

BioEclipse Therapeutics will welcome CRO and CMO pitches from mid-2021 for its Phase II CRX100 trial in refractory solid tumours, said CEO Pamela Contag.

Ripple Therapeutics to consider $75m-plus IPO in 2023, or Series B, post Phase II trial data, says CEO

Ripple Therapeutics is eyeing a $75m-plus initial public offering (IPO) in 2023, said CEO Tom Reeves. A company evaluation of $100m–$250m would be targeted, with a prospective NASDAQ listing, although colisting on the TSX is a possibility, he added.

Ridgeback/Merck’s molnupiravir for Covid-19 has MOA, administration advantages but Phase IIa faces execution obstacles, may have value gaps

Ridgeback Biotherapeutics/Merck’s Phase IIa molnupiravir is attractive for outpatient and recently hospitalised Covid-19 patients due to its mechanism and oral administration, experts said.

Mapi Pharma engages PRA Health Sciences as CRO for Phase III multiple sclerosis trial

GA Depot is a long-acting version of Teva Pharmaceutical’s Copaxone (glatiramer acetate). Copaxone garnered its FDA approved for RMS in 1996 and is administered either daily or three times per week. GA Depot is being investigated for administration every four weeks. Both immunomodulators are administered via injection.

Revitope Oncology welcomes CRO and CMO pitches in several months for Phase I trial and drug development

Revitope is speaking with CROs but is still in the early stages of discussions. It will seek CROs with the ability to help drive its product from selection through use in clinics, and is eager to build long-lasting relationships, said Meier.

RenovoRx in $10m–$20m Series C fundraising mode for Phase III pancreatic cancer trial, CEO says

RenovoRx is receptive to investor pitches for an ongoing $10m-$20m Series C, which will fund the company up to an interim analysis of its Phase III trial for pancreatic cancer in 2H22, said CEO Shaun Bagai.

TG Therapeutics’ umbralisib, ublituximab likely to face market hurdles but FDA approval highly expected

TG Therapeutics’ umbralisib monotherapy in relapsed/refractory (R/R) lymphomas is unlikely to have extensive market traction, experts said.