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The state of play: FDI in Greece

Greece has enjoyed a steady rise in FDI in the past five years, thanks largely to a blossoming relationship with Chinese investors. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic denting the tourism industry, challenging times lie ahead. Sofia Karadima reports.

The state of play: FDI in Germany

Germany’s status as a key player in the global FDI markets should remain undiminished by the Covid-19 crisis, but it was showing signs of strain before the pandemic even hit. Sofia Karadima reports.

The state of play: FDI in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has consistently punched above its weight when it comes to attracting FDI, though it did experience a dip in 2019. Sofia Karadima reports.

Investors see ESG-compliant projects as safe havens: deVere report

As investors exercise ever-greater caution amid the Covid-19 pandemic, investments that meet ESG criteria are rising in popularity due to their less risky nature, according to a new report. By Sofia Karadima.

Home comforts endure for UK financial service workers

UK financial service workers look set to stay away from the office in spite of efforts by the prime minister to lure them back, a new piece of research confirms. Sofia Karadima reports.

Singapore leads IMD 2020 World Competitiveness Ranking

Smaller economies such as Singapore, Denmark and Switzerland lead IMD’s World Competitiveness Ranking for 2020, while the US and China struggle as their trade war makes its impact felt. Sofia Karadima reports.

Hong Kong investors eye Europe amid domestic unrest

The political and social instability in Hong Kong has seen its investors increasingly eyeing opportunities in Europe. Sofia Karadima looks at why the region is such a popular safe haven.

Missing the goals

Covid-19 is threatening the progress of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but could the global effort to tackle the virus lead to a more collaborative approach towards reaching the SDGs?

An FDI approach for the new normal

As the global economy emerges into a ‘new normal’ as well as a likely deep recession, businesses and countries will have to adapt to a range of factors and identify the opportunities still on show.

ESG comes to the fore amid Covid-19 crisis

Incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria was seen as a ticking box exercise for many companies. However, it has recently emerged as a deal-maker within an economic development community coping with a pandemic.