Research universities have been and will continue to be the breeding ground for the nurturing of scientific knowledge. Making the jump from raw research to commercial application is a trend that will continue to grow at an exponential rate, given the increase in academic grants awarded, licenses agreed and start-ups created.

‘Concept to commercialisation’ is not without its challenges, especially when applied to the pharmaceutical sector. The path from concept to commercialisation in pharma is rarely a case of quick commercial success. There will always be additional factors, funding, competition, regulations, need and demand that may complicate the path to quick commercial success.

On average 577 grants were awarded to American universities in 2012-2016. This suggests that the funding for initial concepts is present in the US, with grants amounting to $1.448 billion. The graph also suggests that strategic alliances and startups are developed due to the ongoing need develop elementary ideas and make them suitable for a commercial platform.

Funding for university research should first and foremost be considered as essential investment into the pharma sector.