Analysis of 2017’s top ophthalmology companies by GlobalData has revealed that Eylea (aflibercept) was the driving force behind sales of three out of the five biggest players. The blockbuster biologic—a treatment for wet macular degeneration—is marketed by Regeneron in the US, Santen in Japan, and Bayer AG in the rest of the world, and was estimated by GlobalData to account for 41% of all ophthalmology sales last year.

Top players in ophthalmology, 2017

Source: GlobalData Pharma Intelligence Center

Overall, treatments for wet macular degeneration dominated the ophthalmology portfolios of 2017’s key players. Regeneron was the biggest global player in ophthalmology in 2017, despite its portfolio only consisting of Eylea’s US sales. Lucentis (ranibizumab), another biologic for the treatment of wet macular degeneration, helped propel both Novartis and Roche into third and sixth place, respectively.

Glaucoma drugs were also key components of ophthalmological product portfolios. Sales of Allergan’s Lumigan (bimatoprost) and Alphagan (brimonidine), both topical treatments for glaucoma, helped the company become the second-highest grossing ophthalmology player. Glaucoma drugs were also marketed by Santen, Pfizer, and Valeant—all of which were top-10 ophthalmology players in 2017.