Figure 1: Top 10 Selling Products of Aztrazeneca (US$ mill)

Source: GlobalData, Pharma Intelligence Center, [Accessed 19th Dec 2017]

Figure 1 displays the sales values of the top ten products of AstraZeneca for 2016. Crestor, Symbicort, and Nexium are the best performing drugs by a large margin, however, with many of their exclusivities expiring; revenues for these drugs are expected to half by 2023. This will leave a potential gap in AstraZeneca’s profits that they will hope to fill with their non-small cell lung cancer drug Tagrisso. The rest of these drugs are expected to remain a relatively constant source of income, with the exceptions being Forxiga and Seroquel IR/XR. Forxiga expecting to grow into the 2,000’s (US$m), and Seroquel expecting to crash into the 100’s (US$m) by 2023.