Figure 1: Top 10 Selling Products of Takeda (US$ mill)

Source: GlobalData, Pharma Intelligence Center, [Accessed 19th Dec 2017]

Figure 1 displays the sales values of the top ten products of Takeda for 2016. Entyvio, Velcade, and Leuprorelin are the best performing drugs, however, with many of their exclusivities expiring; revenues for Velcade and Leuprorelin are expected to decline by 2023 with Velcade creating only US$25m. This will be negated somewhat by the strong growth that Entyvio is expected to have. The rest of these drugs are also expected to decline meaning Takeda will need to rely on the growth of its other drugs to retain profits. Fortunately, Ninlaro which made US$262m in 2016 is expected to grow massively in the future and be worth US$2778m by 2023.