Quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) have excellent antimicrobial and surface-active properties, and have a very wide range of applications. They are active against the most common micro-organisms, such as bacteria, fungi and algae. They are widely used in pharmaceuticals as the active ingredient (API) or as an excipient, because of their preserving properties.

Our quats can be differentiated for example by their form (powder, viscous liquid, solution), by the alkyl (carbon) chain length of the tertiary amines used, and by their anion (chloride or bromide).

We manufacture quats using only high purity tertiary amines with various alkyl chain lengths, normally ranging from C12 to C18. The properties of our quats can vary according to the alkyl chain length, as illustrated on the right hand side.

We keep one step ahead of the current, global regulatory requirements, both in manufacturing (GMP, ISO), analysis (multicompendial pharmacopoeia) and documentation (CEP/COS, DMF, declarations) and run continuous updates. We only follow the highest standards, ensuring global compliance of our products.

Standard or custom design products?

Depending on your type of formulation, you might have specific needs for alkyl chain length distribution, solution strength, physical properties, etc. If you do not find the product that you need in the standard assortment, we can design customized products for your needs. Before making a decision, you can contact us to obtain expert advice.

We can help you select a quat suitable for your formulation.