The TamperStop family allows packaging engineers to easily design their own corporate capping family. Designers can start with a simple one color 13mm pull strip cap and move to a complete, ready-to-go, ‘real-time’ track and trace subsystem featuring both a state-of-the-art multitasking RFID subsystem and the latest advances in 3D holograms.

Begin with the revolutionary PolyCap

PolyCaps have many user options. Designers can begin with a sketch and have CAD drawings retuned within a week. Custom design options include:

  • Any size from 13mm to jar size
  • Thousands of colors
  • Tear, pull tabs or syringe access
  • Braille, logos and visible holograms

Add amazing holograms – more than meets the eye

Visual holograms are common, but traditional holograms cannot store significant digital information, and they are easily counterfeited.

The TamperStop family of patented digital pedigree authentication modules (PAMs) offers the up-to-the-minute diffraction holograms which can store both visual and encrypted images and over 100 pages of digital information per square millimeter of surface. Any information stored in PAMs can meet pedigree mandates and be strongly encrypted and hidden within virtually any printed object such as bar codes or corporate logos. PAMs cannot be counterfeited or tampered with without destroying the hologram.

Track thousand dollar dosages with multi-tasking RFID – for pennies

In the PolyCap design, designers can specify a chip carrier for RFID and other electronic subsystems. Once electronics such as the RFID option are added, then real-time total product pedigree authentication and updating can become a reality. As products move through global supply chains, every step, operation, vendor, PO and even air way bills are incorporated into the real-time histogram and pedigree of the product. This means complete pedigree management with the OnTrak™ subsystems.

Although any customer-supplied RFID chip can be used, the TamperStop family offers an off-the-shelf RFID subsystem called On Track system. Two special-purpose TamperStop family optional RFID assemblies contain unique, high-security features that meet or exceed government standards via dynamic mutual authentication using up to 64 bit cryptographic keys. These two exclusive OnTrak chip systems are available with non-repetitive serialization, encrypted passwords with attempts counters, stream encryption to ensure data privacy, selectable access rights by zone, variable or fixed sector combinations for dedicated, non-alterable memory, as well as divided areas available for accessible memory for user applications like real-time pedigree recording, inventory tracking and other real-time applications required by the market. This ultimate security wall around your product and company name can be added to the TamperStop family for only pennies more than basic RFID.