Enamine, a leading provider of R&D Services as well as Screening Compounds, Fragments, Building Blocks and specialized libraries for Drug Discovery, announced today that it had implemented Collaborative Drug Discovery’s CDD Vault to manage its biological assay data. The platform will enable seamless and secure exchange of information between Enamine and its partners in pharmaceuticals, biotechs and other organizations conducting drug discovery research.

Enamine offers a sizable portfolio of R&D services to support complex medicinal chemistry and biology programs. These services include a wide range of bioanalytical, molecular screening and other custom biological study services.

The company is undergoing an ambitious expansion in the markets it serves by adding expert scientists to the team and adopting new technologies such as CDD Vault.

The CDD Vault hosted research data management platform will complement the suite of advanced software tools already deployed at Enamine. CDD Vault enables users to store, manage, and analyze chemical compounds and biological assay data. Enamine’s extensive collaborations across the globe will benefit from the intuitive, collaborative platform and secure data sharing mechanism.

“Managing biological assay data with CDD Vault is straightforward, avoids mistakes and helps with the overall quality control of the studies. The platform enables us to share data with partners in real-time and discuss results and propose follow-ups. We are laser focussed on providing accurate results, added know-how and superior value to our customers,” said Dr. Petro Borysko, Director of Biology at Enamine, “We have integrated CDD Vault via the API with our in-house software, which makes the whole data management process very smooth and easy, maximizing the quality of the data”.

“Enamine has one of the most impressive compound libraries in the world, and we are delighted to support the expansion of their biological study services. Their world-class team of biologists combined with advanced laboratories can greatly accelerate drug discovery programs”, said Dr. Mariana Vaschetto, CDD’s Head of Operations EMEA/LATAM, adding that, “The collaborative nature of CDD Vault makes it the ideal platform for CROs. At the same time, its ease of use allows fast user adoption, an essential requirement for service-oriented organizations.”