At A Ravona, we design and manufacture the most advanced, highest quality environment-controlled barriers, custom-made isolators / glove boxes, and other related equipment to serve companies in the biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

We will customize a system to match your particular needs and specifications by integrating accessories into the containment enclosure such as oxygen analyzers, moisture analyzers, ovens and freezers. When it comes to your glove box needs, we are capable and have been successful in meeting the most demanding manufacturing requirements.

Stainless-steel glove box / isolator enclosures

Ravona specializes in stainless-steel glove box / isolator (dry box) enclosures, which provide the perfect processing environment for a host of containment and isolation applications.

Glove boxes made of stainless steel are structurally sound, self-supporting, and can be tailored as a firm / solid platform on which other components can be efficiently and competently supported. The surface finish on the actual glove box can be natural at any required level, as there is no need for protective external finishes. Glove boxes made of stainless steel are eternally durable, extremely long-lasting, and suitable for an infinite number of needs.

A. Ravona designs and manufactures custom-made glove boxes / isolators.
We specialize in stainless-steel glove box / isolator (dry box) enclosures.
In addition to our pharmaceutical glove boxes, A. Ravona also produces laboratory glove boxes.
We manufacture a range of stainless-steel pharmaceutical containment equipment.

Pharmaceutical isolators / glove boxes

Ravona’s exceptionally high standards of containment and manufacturing of isolators / glove boxes as well as the use of sophisticated handling facilities have allowed us to adapt to numerous fields in which our glove boxes and accompanying equipment are a superb match to the client’s needs.

The fabrication of our products is done entirely in our facility located in Holon industrial zone in Israel, from metal handling to pneumatic and electrical works and on to the most sophisticated PLC electronic controllers in both implementation and programming – all under one roof.

For over 20 years A. Ravona has specialized in containment solutions, supplying products to Israel, Europe, Central America and Asia. It is with this experience that we can provide the most advanced systems to comply with any material being used in our boxes.

Laboratory glove boxes

In addition to our pharmaceutical glove boxes, A. Ravona also produces laboratory glove boxes used for academic, nanotechnology and chemistry laboratories, as well as animal isolators.

Stainless-steel pharmaceutical containment equipment

Apart from manufacturing glove boxes we are also long-time manufactures of stainless-steel electric clean steam generators, stainless-steel vacuum ovens (which may also integrated into glove boxes), stainless-steel electric water distillation systems and stainless-steel process tanks.

It is through this experience that A. Ravona has been proven as one of the leading manufactures in pharmaceutical containment solutions, providing high-end glove boxes / isolators that meet the exact needs of every one of our customers throughout the world.

Our mission is to understand our customer’s needs and provide innovative solutions through high-quality manufacturing standards. A. Ravona is certified to ISO 9001:2008.