Why Stainless Steel is the Best Choice for Your Glove Box

It is a known fact that glove boxes made of stainless steel are unquestionably structurally sound, while at the same time self supporting, and can be tailored as a firm / solid platform, on which other components can be efficiently and competently supported. The surface finish on the actual glove box can be natural, as there is no need for protective external finishes.

Glove boxes made of stainless steel are eternally durable and suitable for an infinite number of needs. Stainless steel is a highly resistant material to most if not all of the hostile chemicals as it proves to be both irrepressible and stable even under high temperatures and is not susceptible to structural failure. Stainless steel is easily and readily adaptable into complicated structures and its external surface can be primed for maintenance as well as low levels of contamination reception.

While the cost of stainless steel glove boxes seems expensive, it’s proven that the use of expert labour, quality equipment and materials gives many years of dependable service without decline or the need for special attention, thus resulting in overall lower costs. This amongst other numerous reasons explains why stainless steel continues to remain the favoured material for glove boxes.

‘High grade’ glove boxes are qualified by a bolted construction and comply with a maximum leak rate of 0.05% of container volume per hour.

‘All purpose use’ glove boxes are produced by using prevailing window sealant, similar to those used on automobiles, with a maximum leak rate of 0.5% of container volume per hour. The allowed leak rate is in fact ten times higher for ‘all purpose use’ glove boxes, which reverts the conventional and attainable differences in leak rate between the two types of construction.

While the allowed leak rate conceivably reveals the gas purifier to ten times the level of leakage, this may not affect the elemental attainable accuracy of contained gas environment. The gas purifier will be necessary to take up contamination at a greater rate and thus be vulnerable to more constant re-generations.

The basic range of stainless steel glove boxes designed and manufactured by A. Ravona are all done to the highest standard available while at the same time bearing in mind the bolted construction with a maximum leak rate of 0.05% of container volume per hour.