Behind the Scenes – Castium’s Fight Against Covid-19 - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Behind the Scenes – Castium’s Fight Against Covid-19

The fight to limit the spread of the virus is well reported with daily news of cities around the world being placed under a number of increasing restrictions. However, the real battle is taking place in the world’s laboratories where thousands of technicians and scientists are working under extreme pressure to find a way to arrest the flood of the viral tide.

At the forefront of this battle is Castium. Contracted by many of the UK’s Covid-19 laboratories, Castium is tasked with decontaminating the MBSC’s used in research and development. In addition, Castium works alongside leading scientists and industry professionals to ensure their work is unhindered to enable round the clock testing of Covid samples. Castium CEO Ross Meggison commented ‘If the MBSC’s used become compromised then all work at that station stops until such time that the cabinet is professionally decontaminated, we’re very proud to be involved’.  Castium is reprioritising their services to ensure any downtime is limited to a minimum by offering a rapid response service in support of these laboratories throughout the UK and further afield.

Castium continues to work with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world ensuring research, development, manufacturing and production can continue through the implementation of professional decontamination services.

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