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Hydroflex Sterile Cleanroom Cleaning Products and Systems

Cleanroom Connection, a leader in supplies provisioning and consulting for USP 797 and other sterile cleanroom protocols, has announced it has accepted an exclusive North American agreement with Hydroflex, a world leader in cleanroom hygiene and cleaning.

Cleanroom Connection is among a small handful of cleanroom supply companies in the US to offer its customers the PurMop® cleanroom mopping system, PurWipe® cleaning textiles and PurGuard® sterile goggles.

Hydroflex products and their efficient cleaning processes are used in more than 40 countries worldwide. Touted for high-efficiency, ergonomics and suitability for all sterile critical environments, Hydroflex specialised product solutions are also the most cost-effective in the sterile cleanroom supplies market.

As an authorised dealer of Hydroflex products, Cleanroom Connection offers information and online quote request submissions on its website at cleanroomconnection.com. The cleanroom-experienced staff offers complimentary consulting on USP 797, cGMP and other protocols to ensure compatibility of cleanroom supplies.

Peter Lojac, senior cleanroom consultant at Cleanroom Connection said: “Being able to offer Hydroflex mopping systems, lint-free wipes, sterile goggles, and other innovative products to our customers is very exciting because we know our customers are getting a very economic solution that saves time and money as well as protecting the criticality of their sterile environments.”

The Hydroflex product lines including PurMop, PurWipe and PurGuard are geared for use in sterile critical environments such as in pharmaceutical manufacturing and related cleanroom industries like sterile compounding and medical device manufacturing. These innovative cleanroom products are very high quality and have been tested and certified for use in ISO4 and higher critical environments.

PurMop Sterile Cleanroom Mops

The Hydroflex PurMop line of sterile mops features stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic handles along with ultra-clean disposable polyester and microfibre mop heads. PurMop mops and mop heads are GMP-compliant and fully autoclavable. They remove contamination without introducing particulates on floors, walls, and ceilings. The PurMop Isolator Cleaning Tool is effective and efficient for cleaning inside of isolator hoods and small spaces.

Disposable lint-free mop heads are offered dry or pre-saturated with sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol. The laundered polyester and microfibre mop heads feature an innovative cleaning pile that loosens and removes tough residues.

ERGO Sterile Cleanroom Mopping System

The ERGO touchless cleanroom mopping system is the first of its kind. The centre feature of the mopping system is a specialised mopping cart containing 3 sections all designed for efficiency and maintaining the hygiene of the cleaning system and the cleanroom:

• First section enables hand-free attachment of the sterile mop head to the handle.
• The second section douses the mop head with the perfect amount of solution ensuring proper disinfection and cleaning as well as saving solution adding to the cost savings of using this system.
• The last section enables discarding and storing soiled mop covers removing risks of cross-contamination thus improving the safety of the cleaning process.

Cleanroom cleaning staff complete disinfection and cleaning duties up to 55% faster. The ERGO sterile mopping system is completely touchless making your cleanroom easier to maintain sterility.

PurWipe Sterile Wipes

PurWipe is a broad line of sterile cleanroom wipes offering versions comprised of nonwoven, knitted polyester, and microfibre materials. These wipes are clean-processed for use in ISO4 and higher critical environments depending on the type of wipe. The innovative, premium-processed PurWipe line is GMP-compliant and safe for use in the strictest aseptic cleanrooms.

The polyamide microfibre wipes are extra-thick wipes unsurpassed in cleaning abilities and cleanliness. For ISO6+ controlled environments, the N-Series nonwoven series offers an affordable and effect lint-free cleaning wipe. Cleanroom Connection recommends the K-Series polyester and microfibre wipes for stricter ISO4-5 critical areas.
PurWipe also offers convenient prewetted cleanroom wipes, the V-Series prewetted sterile wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

• N-Series nonwoven wipes offer high absorbency and optimal economic efficiency. For use in lower classified, less strict cleanrooms.
• K-Series polyester and Microfibre cleanroom wipes offer maximum cleanliness and the highest resistance to tearing for cleaning all surfaces. They are for use in strict critical environments.
• V-Series prewetted wipes are ready-to-use, prewetted with 70% IPA and offer great convenience. Prewetted wipes come in versions safe for use in all cleanroom classifications.

PurGuard Sterile Cleanroom Goggles

When working in an aseptic cleanroom, sterile goggles are a very useful tool. The PurGuard line of goggles comes in both sterile single-use disposable goggles and reusable autoclavable versions. Flexible headband attachment enables a quick customised fit. Goggles are available in standard width lens or a wide panoramic view style. These tight-closing goggles feature a very soft frame material that is comfortable to wear. Use of direct and indirect venting ensure the goggles do not fog.

For GMP applications, Hydroflex offers an RFID-based goggle monitoring system for compliance tracking capturing the number of times each set of goggles is autoclaved.

To learn more about the Hydroflex line of aseptic cleanroom products, please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page.

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