Climet Instruments Company is very proud to announce the introduction of the CI-97 microbial air sampler.  What makes the CI-97 unique is the light ring, which is user configurable in five colors and a selection of display patterns that indicate operational status and alarms. Also, sample data records include: Date, Time,  Unit ID, User ID, Model#, Serial#, Program Name, Location ID, Sample Volume (L), Flow Rate (LPM), Sample Type (Continuous or Segmented), Number of Segments, Sample Duration (start and end timestamp with duration), Alarm Status, Calibration Date, and Calibration Due Date.

There is an onboard sample memory buffer capable of storing 50,000 records; and provides a User Audit Trail; 5 User Access Levels; plus 300 Programs, 300 User ID’s, and 1,000 Location IDs (Factory Expandable). Sample data records can be exported through a USB port (disabled by Admin or factory), a RS-232 serial port, or wired Ethernet (telnet). Similar to Climet’s particle counters, sample data easily integrates into Lonza MODA and other Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) without the need for middleware.

The CI-97 platform provides users the most advanced architecture. Per BS EN 17141, § E.5.2, the calculated d50 = 1.08 µm, and the experimental d50 < 1 µm, which well-surpasses the accuracy requirement of < 2 µm. The CI-9x Series underwent independent laboratory testing that confirmed both high accuracy and was uniquely tested for stability of measurement (precision).

According to Mr. Jesse Layman, Engineering Manager at CLIMET, “The CI-97 has a fully integrated mass flow sensor, which provides flow control that constantly monitors the flow rate ensuring the instrument maintains its calibration. The CI-97 also incorporates a HEPA filtered exhaust that helps mitigate cross contamination. In addition to advanced user and data integrity features, the CI-97 is the only microbial air sampler that during development was drop and vibration tested to ensure ruggedness, reliability, and product longevity.”

He continues, “Other unique features include pdf reports such as GMP reports, audit logs, stored data, and program settings. The instrument is optionally sold with User Authenticator™, which allows users to logon via their network’s Active Directory. The CI-97 is compatible with Network Time Protocol (NTP) ensuring all sample data records will be contemporaneously recorded. Finally, the CI-97 air sampler is easily managed with unit-to-unit cloning.”

Said Mr. Jim Strachan, General Manager of Climet, “The CI-97 has a stainless steel enclosure and weighs only 7 lbs. The cell-phone type display (pinch-to-zoom and swipe) allows for easy reading of reports, and a pop-up keyboard allows for simplified programming. We are very excited about the new architecture and patent pending or patented new blower technology, and expect to release a number of other enhancements and innovative features in the months to come. With regulate firmware updates available at no additional charge, customers can rest assured that their Climet microbial air sampler will always remain in compliance and ahead of its peers.”

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Climet is currently accepting customer pre-orders and production is anticipated to begin before June 15, 2021.