Meritech has announced its latest innovation, the ProTech XV. Developed to accommodate 15 employees per minute, the ProTech XV will sanitise hands or gloved hands with an E-3 no-rinse hand-sanitising solution.

It will simultaneously sanitise footwear with a high concentration sanitising chemical as employees walk through.

President of Meritech Michele Colbert said: “Some of our customers asked for an employee hygiene solution that can handle large shift changes. The new ProTech XV system will sanitize high volumes of employees’ hands and footwear in a short amount of time.

“Most of our customers will use the ProTech as a fail-safe measure to provide a final sanitize of shoes, hands and gloved hands just before entering a “safe zone” in a production facility after a complete handwash using the CleanTech handwashing systems.”

Hygienically engineered for easy maintenance and cleanability, the ergonomic walk through design of the ProTech XV utilises two hand sanitising troughs, each with sets of spray nozzles that apply a no rinse quat sanitizer directly onto hands or gloved hands while employees are walking through the footwear sanitising pan.

The ProTech XV’s footwear hygiene system is programmed to automatically charge and replenish the pan with a hard surface sanitising solution during use to maintain the sanitizer concentration level in the 800 to 1000 PPM kill zone, requiring no manual intervention to fill or refill the pan.

The ProTech XV is EZ CLEAN and requires minimal maintenance. The clean-in-place (CIP) features like tilt up pan for cleaning under the machine, simple controls for operation and the 304-stainless steel design for in place wash down make cleaning and sanitizing the machine fast and efficient.

Like all Meritech equipment, the ProTech XV is proudly made in the USA and carries the Meritech guarantee, which includes a full five-year warranty on parts and workmanship.