Meritech Automated Handwash Systems for Cleanroom Hygiene

Automated handwash systems

Meritech manufactures and distributes fully automated handwash systems for medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech cleanrooms.

Headquartered in Colorado, the company’s sanitizing systems are also used in a diverse range of locations, including laboratories and research facilities.

Handwashing systems for improved hygiene in medical environments

Meritech’s equipment supports and supplements employee hygiene best practices, consistent with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Automated handwashing improves cleanroom gowning and gloving procedures, with Meritech helping improve productivity and enhancing sustainability program.

Quality control for hand hygiene for validated, automated sanitization

Each CleanTech system performs a fully automated 12-second sanitizing and rinse cycle on bare or gloved hands. This removes 99.98% of dangerous pathogens and reduces bioburden.

Meritech’s modern technology uses 75% less water and produces 75% less waste than manual handwashing. It helps implement a thorough and consistent cleansing routine that is repeatable, quick, and easy. Meritech also helps improve compliance, while boosting skin health and reducing shedding and bioburden.

Fully automated hand hygiene systems for cleanrooms

The following Meritech CleanTech handwashing systems are well-suited for cleanroom and lab environments:

  • CleanTech 500EZ, a stainless steel, wall-mounted, deep cylinder, and high-throughput, system, which has the option of an integrated air curtain
  • CleanTech 2000S, a machine with stainless steel construction that is freestanding and self-cleaning. It has an option for an integrated air curtain and glove washing features, with deionized water for low-particle environments
  • CleanTech 4000S is made from stainless steel and is a freestanding, deep cylinder, and self-cleaning system, with a high-throughput for up to 14 people per minute
  • CleanTech 500C, a stainless steel, wall-mounted, compact footprint system for lower throughput areas
  • CleanTech ELF, a wall-mounted system, with a very compact footprint. It is well-suited for modular cleanrooms
  • CleanTech ELFC, a streamlined, low-profile design, available as an in-counter or cabinet system and ideal for lab settings

Integrated air curtain for increased efficiency

CleanTech systems provide a warm, massaging handwash in cleanroom and lab environments. Meritech’s cleanroom products can be supplied with an integrated air curtain to partially or completely dry hands after washing.

Designed for particle-sensitive environments, this feature eliminates the need for other drying options and allows completion of the entire hand hygiene process from one station.

Deionized water option for glove washing

Meritech offers the modified CleanTech handwashing system, which is designed to remove salts, fibers, and solids from gloved hands, where standardized glove washing is critical. This system is clinically tested and proven to remove up to 95% of particles (0.3µ or larger) and most sodium chloride.

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Press Release

Meritech Unveils ADA Compliant Fully Automated Handwashing System

Meritech has introduced a fully automated hand washing system that meets ADA requirements.

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Cleanroom Proper Gowning Procedure

Ways your personal protection equipment is worn prior to entering a cleanroom environment is critically important to prevent contamination and minimise dispersion of particles and microbes naturally carried on the skin.


720 Corporate Circle, Suite K

Golden, Colorado 80401

United States of America

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Press Release

25 January 2019

Meritech has introduced a fully automated hand washing system that meets ADA requirements.

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23 October 2018

Meritech has announced that it will donate $1.00 for every pair of hands washed at their booth during the SupplySide West 2018 trade show to Edesia Nutrition, a non-profit organisation that treats and prevents malnutrition in the world's most vulnerable populations.

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26 July 2018

Meritech has introduced the Sole Clean Dry Step, a fully automated footwear sanitising system for dry and semi-dry production facilities.

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31 January 2018

Meritech has announced its latest innovation, the ProTech XV. Developed to accommodate 15 employees per minute, the ProTech XV will sanitise hands or gloved hands with an E-3 no-rinse hand-sanitising solution.

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25 October 2017

Meritech has announced it will participate as an exhibiting sponsor at Biomanufacturing World Summit.

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22 September 2017

Meritech has announced it will participate as an exhibitor at Supply Side West Global Expo & Conference.

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23 August 2017

Meritech has developed controlled-access employee hygiene system CleanTech 2000SCA to ensure handwashing and footwear sanitising prior to entry into hygiene zones.

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27 June 2017

Meritech is to exhibit at the Cleanroom Technology Conference in Birmingham, UK, 12-13 September, featuring automated handwashing systems onsite so attendees can experience the technology-based approach to employee hygiene.

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28 April 2017

Meritech has announced the release of CleanTech® 500IW, which features a unique in-wall recessed design that allows for easy installation in high-traffic or limited-space areas such as corridors, hallways, entryways, public restrooms, and children's play areas.

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14 March 2017

Meritech has announced it will be showcasing its handwashing systems at Interphex in New York.

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720 Corporate Circle, Suite K

Golden, Colorado 80401

United States of America

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