Meritech has announced it will participate as an exhibiting sponsor at Biomanufacturing World Summit.

Taking place from 13 November to14 November in San Diego, California, attendees can experience firsthand Meritech’s technology-based, twelve-second touchless handwash, which is said to remove 99.98% of all dangerous pathogens and reduces bioburden.

President of Meritech Michele Colbert said “We are excited to be exhibiting our line of fully automated handwashing systems at BMWS pharma and cleanrooms products show.

“Our equipment is already in use as part of the gowning good manufacturing practice (GMP) in many cleanrooms across the US and increasingly worldwide. The Meritech products standardise employee hygiene standards of practice (SOP) with a validated hygiene process that improves gowning efficiency, reduces waste and improves labour efficiency.”

Meritech offers products designed to meet stringent employee hygiene and bioburden control requirements as part of current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) gowning processes. Some of Meritech’s systems for cleanrooms can be specifically designed to handle deionised water for particle reduction or an optional integrated air curtain designed to reduce paper towel usage and to control particles in the air.

Meritech’s fully automated, touch free hand hygiene systems have a 12s wash and rinse cycle that achieves 99.98% pathogen reduction, uses 75% less water, requires less soap, and reduces discharge waste compared to manual handwashing.