CleanTech 500IW

Meritech has announced the release of CleanTech® 500IW, which features a unique in-wall recessed design that allows for easy installation in high-traffic or limited-space areas such as corridors, hallways, entryways, public restrooms, and children’s play areas.

Designed specifically for cruise ships with narrow corridors and heavy traffic, the CleanTech 500IW is also ideal for hospitals, schools, restaurants, and any facility with a need for hand hygiene in areas with limited space.

Vice-president of sales and marketing at Meritech Michele Colbert says: "We are constantly listening to our customers about their need for better hygiene options in more areas. The CleanTech® 500IW is one way to insure that automated handwashing is available even in facilities and areas that have limited space like hallways with a lot of people.

"Now it is possible to install CleanTech automated hand washing systems, which guarantee clean hands, in more places on ships, in hospitals, in schools, and any facility or location with space constraints."

All of Meritech’s CleanTech® automated hand washing systems deliver a 12-second wash and rinse cycle, removing 99.98% of dangerous pathogens from bare and gloved hands. Meritech products use 75% less water, require less soap / sanitizer, and reduce discharge waste. Meritech also guarantees a high-quality wash every time, for every person, in a fast and effective 12-second wash and rinse cycle.