Croatian International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) / International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 17025 accredited calibration laboratory Metroteka hosted dr Noriaki Kano, a world-known quality guru from University of Tokyo and creator of a customer satisfaction model better known as the Kano model.

Since this was Dr Kano’s first visit to Croatia and the Balkans, it was followed by a high level of public interest and media coverage.

During his time in Croatia’s capital (Zagreb), Dr Kano also visited Metroteka’s lab.

Metroteka’s CEO Sinisa Prugovecki said: “We were delighted with Dr Kano’s visit. To have world-famous quality guru from Tokyo visit us in our workplace in Zagreb was a dream come true. And even more importantly a huge acknowledgement of our dedication to service quality which enabled us to become regional pharmaceutical industry’s lab of choice, whether we are talking about our accredited calibration services or equipment qualification and temperature mapping.”

The visit was later followed by Dr Kano’s lecture “The Basics of Customer Satisfaction according to Kano Model” which was held in front of more than 200 participants.

One participant said: “I was amazed by Dr Kano’s way of thinking. His lecture was filled with real-life examples that I could really identify with. It gave us a different look at the quality of services and products, and reminded us why focusing on customer is still our most important task.”

Prugovecki explained that one of Metroteka’s long-term goals is to raise awareness on topics like service quality locally by sharing Metroteka’s knowledge and bringing world-class external experts. He said: “We feel proud for bringing Dr Kano to Zagreb and are looking forward to many more lectures on quality.”