Werum IT Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the biometric authentication solution K.ME-IN with Nymi, for integration within Werum’s PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

The new solution will allow users on the pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical shop floor to securely and seamlessly authenticate to systems, devices and machines via a smart wristband. In the future, K.ME-IN will be extended to allow user authentication via further biometric means such as iris scan, face recognition, fingerprint or a combination of each.

The Nymi Band is a wearable device that can be worn under all types of protective clothing and is uniquely assigned to each user, based on their irreplicable biometric identity. The out-of-the-box solution is fully integrated into Werum’s PAS-X MES, the market-leading MES for pharma and biotech manufacturing. What makes the Nymi Band unique is that once authenticated, it remains on, transmitting the wearer’s identify until removed.

Nymi replaces the traditional method of entering a user name and password, PIN codes, or badges. In addition, the Nymi Band is the most secure authentication solution available on the market today, ensuring that only the logged-in user is making the entries.

“We are convinced that having Nymi as part of our K.ME-IN biometric authentication solution is going to make our pharmaceutical and biotech customers even more productive,” says Obay Alchorbaji, Product Manager, Werum IT Solutions. “With our new solution, we address the very real challenge in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market of ensuring secure and fast authentication, while also meeting compliance and data integrity requirements. We help our customers cut authentication times by up to 75%, thus significantly increasing their production efficiency.”

Andrew Foxcroft, VP at Nymi, adds: “We are delighted that Werum has chosen to directly integrate Nymi into their PAS-X system, and have already seen the tremendous increase in productivity and security that this partnership brings to the production environments of their customers. It will ease the authentication procedures for pharma and biotech operators so that they can concentrate better on their task at hand.”

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