Balancing and finding productivity in opposites. In companies, compliance and security are two poles moving away from one another.

Security leaks and hacks are almost a daily occurrence now, so the ability to keep data and access safe is of paramount concern. Solving and finding a modern version of passwords is going to be essential for companies to be productive and stay safe.

On the other hand, the need for compliance, trackability and detailed data points creates more data, which said security needs to keep safe. With increased pressure on compliance and audits, producing salient data points that allow efficient internal and external audits is important to stay in line with regulatory requirements.

The company will look at options for multifactor authentication, the importance of nonrepudiation and trackability and the ability to keep the two in concert, growing without giving up one for the other.

This webinar will take place on 13 November at 3:00pm (GMT). Click here to register today.