Nymi has published the results of a questionnaire into US consumers’ attitudes to wearing employer-issued technology that could enable them to stay safe and drive productivity as businesses prepare for hybrid workplaces.

The concept described was a workplace wearable to fully integrate employees with corporate systems so that they can seamlessly go through their day in a safe, simple, and secure manner.

Of approximately 2,000 Americans surveyed, the majority (77%) said they would wear an employer-issued wearable on their wrist that looks like a fitness band if they can get benefits including social distancing reminders, and removing the need for passwords or access key cards. When made aware that it can collect relevant data, but that the user can opt in and erase data at any time, 91% of this group would still wear this workplace wearable.

All age ranges indicated a high willingness to adopt such wearable technology in their work setting. That’s despite younger consumers being more likely to wear a smartwatch or fitness band in a personal capacity than older consumers — 64% of consumers aged 18 to 24 currently wear a smartwatch, fitness band, or other wearable for personal use compared to 51% of consumers aged 55 and older.

“Wearable technologies play an important role both in how employers ensure safe, touchless returns to workplaces and incorporate more efficient ways of completing daily tasks, such as logging into work systems through the tap of a band,” said Chris Sullivan, CEO of Nymi.

Personal privacy was the top concern for the remaining respondents. Sullivan continued:

“Making employees feel safe and comfortable at work isn’t just about preventing them from catching Covid-19 or getting in an accident. Companies have a responsibility to make technology decisions that will give workers full data privacy. In the case of deploying technology such as a workplace wearable, that means providing the option for employees to opt-in for the collection of this data, erase their data at any time, and more.”

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