Xyntek Incorporated, a world leader in pharmaceutical and life sciences automation and IT solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with Nymi to increase their Turnkey Biometrics Authentication Platform to incorporate wearable technology.

Nymi Bands join an impressive list of iris and fingerprint scanning technologies that Xyntek integrates into business-critical operations and processes. These solutions bring significant improvements and efficiencies to complex and GxP controlled laboratory, manufacturing and healthcare processes that require user authentication and electronic signatures to review and approve completion of critical process steps.

Nymi’s unique wearable authentication solution, activated by a user’s biometrics, keeps workers continuously authenticated to facilitate rapid logins / e-signatures with a tap of the wrist.

“In the past, a user’s identity was verified based on what we know, such as our username, passwords, and PINs, or what we have, such as ID and access cards,” said Mac Hashemian, PE, CEO of Xyntek.

“Biometric authentication enables user identification based on who we are by using unique physical characteristics like iris patterns and fingerprints to allow access to extremely sensitive systems, information and / or environments. With digital transformation and the push for mobility, we now have to factor in ‘what extends us’ to this equation. The Nymi Biometric wearable technology offers an additional level of flexibility that provides operators with a more efficient way to achieve compliance and security without compromising productivity.”

Xyntek’s platform is built around a high-availability centralised authentication service, which transforms a user’s biometric identity into their enterprise account credentials in seconds. Xyntek’s platform supports all standard biometric devices, including fingerprints and iris scanners. This new partnership will add wearable technology, Nymi bands, to the platform.

“We are excited to be working closely with Xyntek and integrating the Nymi bands into Xyntek’s portfolio of solutions and services,” said Nymi’s Vice President, Andrew Foxcroft.

“There are many use cases in the Life Sciences GxP environments that can benefit from wearable authentication devices. By combining our technology with Xyntek’s Biometric Authentication Platform, we can address a number of important use cases featuring enterprise authentication that delivers data integrity and security, allowing highly regulated industries to achieve compliance and productivity.” Mac Hashemian, CEO of Xyntek, and Nymi’s Vice President, Andrew Foxcroft, are available for interviews.

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