TrialScope has announced it has relocated its headquarters to a larger space that accommodates the rapid growth the company has experienced and the expected growth in the next few years.

The new headquarters location, situated along the Hudson River in the Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, is within the New York metropolitan area.

The space offers nearly 12,000ft² of professional space that supports the team and expanded common meeting spaces.

TrialScope CEO Mike Forgash said: "Our Rapid Path to Compliance engagement methodology demands that we have space for frequent customer and partner interactions.

"We need the space to host important cross-industry conversations such as best practices for validating SaaS solutions, the development of a clinical trial disclosure maturity model and other topics that have strategic value to our customers."

TrialScope chief financial officer Richard Aguinaldo said: "Compliance with complex clinical trial disclosure requirements is increasingly important to sponsors.

"For that reason, TrialScope is garnering a great deal of interest in the marketplace.

"The new location will enable us to continue to attract leading talent to meet future recruiting needs.

"The headquarters move represents a natural progression that aligns with our strategy, while supporting our current and future space requirements."

The new location is at Harborside Financial Center, Plaza Five, Suite 2900, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07311.