To strengthen TSS’ thought leader position within the industry, a white paper on the future of temperature monitoring was recently released.

In this paper, TSS outlines what benefits pharmaceutical companies will gain from a cloud information service solution independent of the logger device, appointing information management the key to long-term success.

Temperature data retrieved from data loggers contains vital information for pharmaceutical companies, as they face rigorous regulations. However, these data records consist of the same parameters such as date, time and temperature.

Suppliers of temperature monitoring solutions have mainly focused on selling loggers with regard to their technical capabilities.

Recognising that all loggers, no matter what supplier, more or less record the same set of data implies that the value provided to pharmaceutical companies lies in the information rather than in the logger device.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a fundamental change.

TSS CEO Niclas Ohlsson said: "I see with excitement how the industry is changing, demanding an increased focus on information rather than the logger device.

"A logger is just a logger, while being able to effectively capture, analyse, and present data brings infinite possibilities for supply chain operations."

In this white paper, TSS moves beyond the traditional approach. Focus must be shifted from the device to how data can be captured, analysed, and presented efficiently and intuitively, to fulfill the needs of pharmaceutical companies.

The white paper covers the advantages of an information-oriented solution for companies such as extensive integration capabilities, streamlined processes, low total cost of ownership and responsiveness to emerging technologies.

Ohlsson said: "In today’s ever-changing environment, it is necessary to have an information-oriented solution that allows you to evolve with the market, so that you don’t risk become locked into a logger technology that sooner or later will get outdated.

"We are dedicated to provide you with such solution."