Do you want all the data, or just a selection? That is one of the questions that should be asked when looking into different solutions for monitoring temperature controlled shipments.

With many years of experience working with life science companies, TSS have a firm belief that first when all temperature data is collected, the company gets a holistic picture of the supply chain.

As one of the exhibitors at the 6th Annual Clinical Trial Supply Europe Conference, TSS will demonstrate more of the benefits of collecting all the data.

The event takes place from 19-21 January at the Husa President Park in Brussels, Belgium. This is the fifth year in a row that TSS will attend the show that gathers dedicated clinical supply professionals from around Europe.

TSS Europe sales manager Johan von Arronet said: "We meet many companies experiencing that they do not have full visibility and control over their temperature controlled shipments.

"Most of the times, the data is only captured when an excursion has occurred, which gives them an incomplete version of the truth."
In addition, von Arronet explains the data files are often spread out across different places so the responsible person has to spend time finding the data when it is time for an inspection.

Von Arronet said: "We provide our customers with the possibility to collect all the data and to have all files instantly accessible in the cloud, whenever they need them.

"This way, they can spend their valuable time on other things, and be sure they are compliant."

About the event

IQPC’s 6th Annual Clinical Trial Supply Europe Conference is the only event in the clinical supply space that provides 100% interactive discussion, more than 20 senior directors and heads of clinical supply and over 100 delegates to provide the ultimate platform for networking, innovating and to take away the most cutting edge industry knowledge.