Aiming at becoming a world champion a couple of weeks after having given birth may by many people be seen as an impossible task.

Thanks to a clear vision and the right attitude, the new mother and world champion in match racing, Anna Kjellberg, proved that nothing is impossible.

On the 28 June, Anna and her team visited Stockholm, which was featured by TSS in ÅF Inshore race, sailing two boats together.

TSS initiated their collaboration with Anna in 2013. When she shared her ambitious goals of becoming the world cup champion within a year, TSS immediately saw this as the perfect match.

In the same way as Anna sets up challenging objectives for herself and her sailing team, TSS constantly aims to have a clear vision for the company and its employees with goals that challenge the way things are being done.

Anna shows evidence of being a distinct leader by being able to co-ordinate the activities aboard a sailing boat. How do you lead your crew in a clear and efficient way, and how do you ensure that everybody is onboard, sharing the same vision?

TSS CEO Niclas Ohlsson said: "Anna shows proof of clear leadership and the ability to reach goals that may be regarded as aggressive.

"In her leadership style, she communicates expectations and responsibilities for all individual team members, and the interaction between the team members creates favorable conditions underlying the incredible success of Team Anna Kjellberg.

"This is something that TSS wants to pay attention to and encourage."

The fact that TSS features Anna Kjellberg at this year’s ÅF Inshore race is not a coincidence. It is a collaboration built on clear leadership, team building activities and a firm belief in aiming at ambitious goals.