Bormioli Pharma, an international leader in pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices, announced today the third edition of its Sustainability Report. This edition outlines and consolidates the strong progress Bormioli Pharma has made in promoting sustainable growth in the communities where the company live and work and highlights its strong commitment to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in its transition towards environmentally friendly solutions.

Of the main actions taken by the company during the year, the decision of proceeding with the external assurance of the report two years ahead of legal obligations has been one of the most pioneering among the industry. In 2023, the ESG team and Governance have been also reinforced, leading to the definition of robust processes contained in its ESG Policy. Moreover, the group is already taking steps to prepare for the adoption of the new reporting system required by the EU Directive ‘Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive’ (CSRD).

In terms of the key sustainability targets, Bormioli Pharma is confirmed to be committed to the 30% Carbon Intensity reduction and 41% reduction of Water Withdrawal Intensity by 2030 (compared to the 2021 baseline). The goal of increasing the share of sustainable¹ materials in sold products continued to advance and has already achieved stunning results: the company is very close to the 50% target by 2025, reaching 45%in 2023 (+15% compared to 2022).

“In 2023, we have worked energetically to be an important driver of responsible growth, remarking our role as a partner of the pharmaceutical industry in developing increasingly widespread, effective and sustainable medical practices,” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “Among the initiatives implemented during this path, we have further extended one of the widest sustainable packaging offering available in the pharma industry, EcoPositive, a concrete action to support the EU’s goals for sustainable packaging.”

Another pillar of Bormioli Pharma’s ESG commitment is related to the promotion of a Diversity & Inclusion culture across the organisation, with the objective of reaching the 95% of employees trained on these topics by 2025.

Finally, the document remarks the objective of completing the assessment of 90% of suppliers on the international EcoVadis platform by 2026. Using this tool, and through continuous suppliers monitoring, ESG-based vendor validation and responsible purchasing choices, the intention is to ensure a supply chain that shares the same high standards as the group with respect to various ESG issues.

The economic results achieved in 2023 ‒ with a +18% increase in revenues compared with previous year ‒ confirm the validity of the strategic choices made by Bormioli Pharma and reaffirm how it is possible to plan long-term development while continuing to generate value for people, the environment and society.

1: Sustainable material includes recycled glass, recycled plastic for production of bottles and caps, bio-based materials for containers production, and materials coming from the recovery of CO2.