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Primary Packaging and Accessories for Healthcare Products

Bormioli Pharma supplies packaging solutions for companies in the pharmaceutical, generics, and biotechnology industries.


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Bormioli Pharma is an international leader in the production of pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices. With a global presence in over 100 countries, the company counts more than 1,400 employees and 9 plants in Europe, specialized in the manufacturing of primary packaging and accessories for pharmaceutical, generics and biotech companies and CMOs.

A robust and reliable partner for the pharma industry

Thanks to its wide offer of primary packaging and accessories and qualified know-how, Bormioli Pharma is a robust and reliable partner for the pharma industry.

The product ranges marketed by the company include tubing and molded glass containers, plastic packaging – including several low-impact ranges manufactured with bio-based or recycled raw material – closures, rubber stoppers, aluminium seals, and packaging accessories, such as measuring cups, spoons etc.

Bormioli Pharma value proposition relies on a service-driven approach, with ongoing data-based consultancy to support informed packaging choices and streamline validation procedures.

Our products include packaging for prescription drugs, daily medications and over-the-counter (OTC) products, nutraceuticals, and food supplements.
We have implemented an environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy based on research into sustainable packaging products.

For each market’s need, a specific product portfolio

The company’s positioning applies to the different market destinations, with different portfolios defined to address the specific needs of every segment: high-value, prescription drugs (forTherapy), daily medications and OTCs (forHealth), nutraceuticals and food supplements (forLife).


The highlight of the forTherapy portfolio are all-in-one packaging systems for injectable and infusion drugs, such as containers and vials from Type I molded and tubing glass, with a wide range of aluminum and rubber closures and accessories.

Key advantages:

  • RTU and RTS services available
  • Data-based consultancy to streamline client’s validation procedures
  • Proved quality with 100% in-line inspection


The products which best represent the forHealth portfolio are the Group’s integrated solutions for oral liquid and solid drugs, composed by plastic and glass bottles, child-proof closures and accessories.

Key advantages:

  • Huge productive capabilities to cope with market growth
  • Low-impact, sustainable solutions available
  • Advanced barrier solutions to extend product shelf-life


The forLife portfolio presents a series of solutions for the nutraceutical and supplement market, including innovative dual-chamber systems, which allow for greater efficiency and safety in the reconstitution of drugs.

Key advantages:

  • Effective go-to-market platform to reduce market timing
  • Consultancy services for a faster adoption of dual-chamber solutions
  • Wide eco-friendly range to reduce product impact on nature

Sustainability: an advanced product offer, an effective ESG approach

The company has been actively engaged insustainability for over 15 years  starting research on low impact materials, a commitment that has developed until now with the implementation of a concrete ESG strategy whose core is based on research on new, more sustainable packaging products.

The most evident outcome of this commitment is EcoPositive, a new range of eco-friendly solutions, developed consistently with 3 different sustainability approaches:

  • Regenerate: glass and plastic packaging recycled from first-choice waste collection, such as rPET and rHDPE bottles
  • Renew: bioplastic packaging derived from renewable sources, such as PE bottles and PP capsules produced from sugarcane leftovers
  • Reloop: glass and advanced polymer products made from infinitely reusable
    materials, such as Carbon Capture PET bottles produced from the recovery and transformation of CO2 emissions.

These glass and plastic solutions can be provided together with detailed LCA studies, as well as with extractables testing showing the safety in any conditions of these solutions in respect to conventional ones.

Besides continuous R&D efforts on new, sustainable materials, Bormioli Pharma’s ESG strategy features measurable, concrete targets on 4 areas of action in line with its mission: “Making health a positive practice, accessible to all and kind to the planet”:

  • using sustainable raw materials for 50% of its production by 2025
  • reducing water consumption by 41% and CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030
  • 95% office employees trained for D&I by 2025
  • assessing 90% of its suppliers on the international rating platform EcoVadis, which measures the performance of the sustainability management system of suppliers.

Innovation: delivering consistent benefits to our partners through a robust consultancy approach

Bormioli Pharma relies on an innovation platform, named Invents, aimed at partnering with the pharmaceutical industry to transform emerging healthcare needs into industrial solutions.

Through a brand-new consultancy approach, stemming from a transformation that has occurred over the years with the goal of materializing the vision of future care, Bormioli Pharma provides complete end-to-end development solutions to all its customers, collaborating with them earlier to support their complex drug delivery projects.

During the years, the Group addressed its innovation efforts towards major healthcare needs, including promoting drug traceability and making medicine administration simpler, easier, and more accessible for everyone, thanks to inclusive design and IoT technologies.

Benefiting from a robust ecosystem of partners, and depending on the customer’s requirements, the company can engage the most suitable entities to address the specific needs.

Among the internal and external stakeholders included in the Bormioli Pharma’s innovation ecosystem, there are also Innovation Hubs and accelerators, allowing the Group to stay on the edge of innovation, using a crowdsourcing approach to multiply and accelerate its development efforts.

That’s why the company has launched different contests with the open innovation platform, calling the international innovation community to submit new ideas on a pre-defined brief, most of which featuring detailed concept analysis.Three prototypes developed on the submitted projects have been recently presented:

  • OptiMist, a connected medical device able to administer ophthalmic drugs through nebulization;
  • MediClicker, an IoT, smart-controlled medical device allowing easy pills dosing, and, for the first time.
  • ID-Cap, an evolution of the traditional child-resistant closure, applying biometric technologies to create a unique match between patient identity and medicine administration.

Quality and Safety: essential preconditions for the pharma industry

Bormioli Pharma has adopted a rigorous approach to quality and the quality culture is widespread in the Company. Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams have a strong pharma expertise and GMP trainings are held frequently. Other key elements contributing to the quality assurance are a high focus on process control, a qualified supply chain, a continuous technical improvement and support to the regulatory process.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15378:2017 certified and the entire group is certified with integrated certification issued by BSI, one of the most important certification bodies at an international level.

Moreover, the company gained ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, which is the most important worldwide regulation related to the environment, occupational health, and safety management systems. Bormioli Pharma is registered with the main international control organizations and the products are in compliance with EP, USP and JP international standards.

White Papers


  • Product Portfolios

    This short video gives an overview of Bormioli Pharma’s forTherapy, forHealth and forLife product portfolios.

  • ActiveRec

    This video outlines Bormioli Pharma’s ActiveRec product, which is designed to reconstitute powder products into liquid.

  • Delta

    This video outlines the qualities and uses of Bormioli Pharma’s Delta glass packaging solution for the pharma industry.

  • Innovation – MediClicker

    This short video covers Bormioli Pharma’s MediClicker device, a smart-controlled IoT pill dispensing system.

  • Innovation – Trax

    This short video gives an overview of Trax, a fully traceable glass pharma packaging solution.

Press Releases

Products & services

  • Type I Glass Vials

    Chosen by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies for their high hydrolytic resistance and quality, our wide range of Type I glass vials includes both tubular and moulded products.

  • Rubber Stoppers & Aluminium Seals

    Manufactured in a dedicated plant, our rubber stoppers and aluminium seals perfectly match our glass vials to provide the full packaging solution to preserve the efficacy of the most delicate medicines.

  • Dual Chamber Systems

    Bormioli Pharma has been one of the first players specialising in dual-chamber system solutions, which allow for greater efficiency and safety in the reconstitution of drugs, providing protection to the active ingredients and extending the shelf life of the product.

  • Child Resistant Closures

    Bormioli Pharma has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of child-resistant closures and over the years the range has been expanded and improved, following the principles of machinability, safety and ergonomics.

  • Safe&Easy

    Safe&Easy is a high-end, all-in-one packaging solution to administer oral liquid drugs as paediatric syrups, composed of a bottle with a plug, a child-resistant closure and a dosing syringe.

  • PET, PE and Barrier Bottles

    Bormioli Pharma specialises in the production of plastic containers, leveraging a multi-technological platform equipped to manage all the existing plastic polymers.

  • AccuRec

    AccuRec is a drug reconstitution system composed of a high-performance cap designed to contain the API and a bottle to contain the solvent.

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