Bormioli Pharma specialises in the production of plastic containers, leveraging a multi-technological platform equipped to manage all the existing plastic polymers. Thanks to a restless innovation approach, we continuously advance our plastic products, both in terms of performance, and sustainability. The product range includes an impressive variety of sizes, neck finishes and shapes, making it fit with the needs of syrups, pills, oral drops, ophthalmic products and more.

  • All our plastic bottles perfectly match with our child-resistant and tamper-evident closures, guaranteeing the safety and the robustness of the container-closure system, thus offering a full packaging solution
  • Special ‘Barrier Bottles’ available to preserve the stability of the drug, protecting it from alterations caused by external agents, such as moisture and sunlight
  • EcoPositive® version available, manufactured in recycled PET, recycled HDPE or Green PE, coming from sugar cane transformation
  • Extensive customisation capabilities thanks to dedicated design and development team

Product Range Features

  • Application: oral liquid, oral solid, ophthalmic, product to be reconstituted, nasal
  • Neck finish: 13.5mm, 17.8mm, 20mm, snap on 20, DIN 168, PFP 18, PFP 24, PFP 28, PFP 35 and others
  • Available materials: PET, HDPE, LDPE, rPET, rHDPE, Green PE
  • Bottle volume: from 7ml to 1l

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