Chosen by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies for their high hydrolytic resistance and quality, our wide range of Type I glass vials includes both tubular and moulded products. Thanks to an integrated, international industrial footprint, Bormioli Pharma is one of the few global manufacturers that specialises in Type I glass production, resulting in excellent productive output and huge capabilities.

  • Possibility to complete the solution with rubber stoppers and aluminium gears
  • Dedicated consulting service and scientific dossiers
  • Siliconisation, ready-to-use and ready-to-ship services available on request
  • 100% in-line controls to guarantee the utmost level of quality
  • Constant product innovation to achieve improved shatterproof and chemical-resistant properties as well as security features

Product Range Features

  • Application: parenteral (injection/infusion), nasal, chromatography
  • Neck finish: ISO 13, NW14, NW18, ISO20, 28mm, 29mm, ISO32
  • Volume: from 1ml to 500ml
  • Productive technologies: blow-and-blow or press-and-blow moulding, tubular vials

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